I have been coaching with Eva since in September 2014. During that period, she has supported me in making major life changes, including leaving my job and starting out in my own coaching and consultancy business. I have found Eva to be extremely perceptive and intuitive in helping me identify limiting beliefs and/or self-sabotaging acts that prevented me from moving toward my desired future. She is also very intuitive in offering the perfect process or meditation to fit the need of the moment so that together we can progress the issue. Eva is extremely good at leading guided meditations, her timing and pace is impeccable, ensuring that they are very impactful and meaningful experiences. She is also great to check my commitment and keep me accountable. All this is doubly impressive when you consider that Eva delivers this coaching in what for her is her second language - English. I consider Eva to be very knowledgeable about law of attraction and definitely practices it herself. In this regard she has great experience and integrity. If you are ready to make changes in your life, Eva is a wonderful resource and a great coach.
Maeve LankfordLife Coach, Ireland
Eva is a fantastic coach! I always feel so much better about everything after our sessions, and inspired to take action, knowing she is always there to support and guide me. She is the perfect blend of nurturing and firm, and my life continues to flourish with her help 🙂
Kate LoustauActress, London, UK

Ing. Eva Paclíková

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