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About the author

Eva is a certified and experienced Relationship & Transformational Coach. She changes lives of people. Her dream and goal is to empower as many people as she can to create a better world for all of us. Eva is an author of the book Alfa bohyně (Alfa Goddess) which was written in her mother tongue, Czech, to empower women. As an experienced Coach she created online program for women Bohyně lásky and also a program about chakra healing.

The Greatest Showman

Dear visitors and my Dear friends, I don’t write in English much as there is not enough time usually. I thought it will only be a short post on FB but then realized it would be really a long one. So I have decided to write an article instead and then post it on FB for you. Last week...

Get ready, your wish can happen now… or not?

I am sitting in my car, driving to my favourite café as I am meeting my friend later. In the car, there is is perfect time for your affirmations and so I use this time for my inner talk and affirm what I want to achieve as if it was already done. And as I am used to coach...

Let the miracles come to you!

Maybe you are asking yourself the same question I asked myself in the past. Why don’t miracles happen to me more often?  Why is it that we don’t allow miracles into our lives? I have realised that the answer is simple. When We have a wish we think about how to make it happen, what could we do? how long should it take for the wish to happen?. We...

The mirroring effect

I had the thought the other day and as usually I just took my phone and recorded my flowing thoughts. Instead of translating it into my mother tongue, Czech, I had decided to publish it on youtube as my first attempt to write/publish in English. And here is the result 🙂