Let the miracles come to you!

heart-954957_1920Maybe you are asking yourself the same question I asked myself in the past.

Why don’t miracles happen to me more often

Why is it that we don’t allow miracles into our lives?

I have realised that the answer is simple.

When We have a wish we think about how to make it happen, what could we do? how long should it take for the wish to happen?. We start using our left brain, which is good for planning and analyzing. We use our logic to come up with ideas of how to get the new car, how to marry the great guy, how to be successful. And of course it is no wonder the miracles can’t happen in our lives.

The Left brain is not meant to create but as I have just said it is here to analyze and plan, to communicate and calculate etc.

If we want to become the creators of our lives and our experiences we must put the left brain aside and use the creative part. All creativity comes from our imagination. What we can imagine, we can experience in our life.

The main reason why we immediately start to plan and analyze how to get that new car or that great relationship is that we are trained for many many years to use our logic. At school we are praised for our analytical skills, for our intelligence. When we manage to come up with some great analysis of how to do something, we are told “this is a great way to think, good girl”.

We are told that life is hard and we need to work a lot to get somewhere.

How many of your parents gave you this advice:

“If you want to become ‘someone’ and have a nice life, you have to work hard at school and at work to get there.” or

“There is no gain without pain.”

I could go on and on, but you get the message, right?

The problem is that the Universe can’t deliver miracles to you unless you let go of the constant control as to how and when your miracle should happen, how your wish should be delivered to you and when it’s the right time.

You step in the way, and the Universe basically waits for you to step aside and let go.

Your job is not to form a plan or analyze the problem.

Yes, you are part of this Universe, you are literally one part of that energy which creates the worlds. But even though you have all the qualities as the energy, call it God, Universe or whatever you like, you still don’t know everything.

Your only job in the creative process is to know what you want and imagine the life you want to live. The ‘how’, and the ‘when’, is not your responsibility. The minute you let go of the need to analyze and plan how and when your wish should happen, the Universe will go to work and will deliver in the best possible way, in the easiest and fastest way possible. You would never have come up with this way using your logic. Your logical brain is still too small to come up with the miraculous ways your wish may come to you.

Don’t try to do work that you are not good at, just trust. When you go to the dentist, I don’t think you tell him how he should or shouldn’t pull out your tooth, do you? You sit there quietly and let the dentist do his job. And voila, the tooth is out and you are happy again. You trust the dentist he knows what to do.

Yet, when it comes to the Universe, you try to be the God who knows it all and come up with ways of how to get your new car or your great relationship.

There are two reasons why your miracles can’t show up.

The First reason was just explained, you try to do the job of the Universe and stand in it’s way.

The second reason is that if you do all the work yourself, not only is it hard to get your wish, but then when you get it, you don’t see it as a miracle because you only see all the hard work you had to do to get it.

So then you start to doubt the whole idea about some universal laws and the law of attraction and you definitely don’t believe in miracles.

“I had to work like mad to get it”, you think to yourself. “What rubbish, there is nothing like the Laws of the Universe, just hard work!”.

And you affirm to yourself once again how life is hard and how hard you have to work to get your wish and you stay where you are and live as you have lived most of your life – struggling to get by, working hard, unhappy in your relationships, uncertain about your life purpose.

You are in this circle and there is no way out, no miracles happen in your life. And you will not get out of that circle unless you let that control go and let the Universe do it’s work.

One little wish, where you let go of the control, may create an ‘aha!’ moment, the moment when you feel “wow, this stuff works”, let me try again.

And the more you let go and let God, the more miracles start to appear in your reality and the more you trust it works.

I see it all the time with my clients, they are unable to let go as they start using The LOA (The Law of Attraction) for the “big stuff” and as they have too many limiting beliefs around that topic, it’s hard to let go and even harder to get it and see a miracle happening.

So my advice to you is to start with the small things and build your belief around The LOA and around your own ability to create your life. The more confident you are, the easier it is to get what you want, and do nothing for it to happen.

Yes, there is not much you need to do to live the life of your dreams!

Dream big, but start with the little things first, and the miracles will flow into your life with ease.

Eva Paclíková
Eva is a certified and experienced Relationship & Transformational Coach. She changes lives of people. Her dream and goal is to empower as many people as she can to create a better world for all of us. Eva is an author of the book Alfa bohyně (Alfa Goddess) which was written in her mother tongue, Czech, to empower women. As an experienced Coach she created online program for women Bohyně lásky and also a program about chakra healing.