Get ready, your wish can happen now… or not?

balloon-984229_1920I am sitting in my car, driving to my favourite café as I am meeting my friend later. In the car, there is is perfect time for your affirmations and so I use this time for my inner talk and affirm what I want to achieve as if it was already done.
And as I am used to coach myself too, I am telling myself: “Be ready, your wish can be here at any time. You know that at any moment it can happen in your physical reality.” Right now I am in the process of manifesting my ‘big’ dream. But I am sure you know very well there is not a big dream. As for the Law of Attraction to bring you a castle is the same as to bring you a button. If you are familiar with Abraham Hicks, this will not be new information for you.

So back to my story.

The minute I told myself BE READY, IT CAN HAPPEN AT ANY MOMENT which is true, of course. My inner voice or inner coach, how I call it sometimes, told me “But wait a minute?! Isn’t it true that big things or things in general happen out of the blue, when you least expect it?”

Hmmm, and my inner conversation started. Conclusion is easy.

Both statements are true:

1. Be ready, your wish can happen now and now and now and now. In other words it can happen at any moment really. So in a way you need to be ready.
2. Things happen when you least expect it and when you are relaxed about it. It happens when you let go so to speak.

So lets have a look at it a bit more closely to understand what needs to be done.

As I am now manifesting my dream, I want to go deeper with my thinking and as it can help you, it will for sure help myself.

When it comes to big dreams I do forget sometimes how the whole process of creation or rather moving into the preferred reality works.

Why do I say preferred reality? Because all things exists now at this moment.

You don’t really create anything but by focusing on what you do want you move to your preferred reality where your wish is done. Where you do live in that dream flat, where you are married to your dream partner, where you are the person who you always wished to be.

What do I need to do Eva? Just get on with it and give me the recipe. 🙂


Ok, hang on a minute. Be patient! Patience is imporant but not always what you need as you could patiently wait forever and your wish will be behind the corner waiting for you to stop being patient and stop waiting. As waiting gets you nowhere. But that is not the topic for this article and I may talk about it some another day.


So I will continue… See I am a bit stubborn plus I like teasing people :-). If my friends read it, they will go like “Little bit stubborn? Oh yeah!!!! 🙂 You would move mountain more easily than to push Eva where you want her to be.” Anyway, you will know me soon as I am planning to write more and more in English. It was my goal for a long time and now is the good time for me to do something about it.


What you need to do for your big or small wish to appear in your reality or rather move to the preferred reality where your wish already exists so you can see it, hear it, smell it and touch it IS:




You have to see it with your imaginery eyes, hear it with your imaginery ears, taste it maybe even, depending on what you are trying to manifest. And most importantly you have to feel it with your emotions as if it was in your life now.


By being ready for it as it can happen at any time, it is meant to act as if it is here.


So for example say you are attracting your ideal partner or even marriage. How would you talk, how would you walk? How would your flat look like? Would you have mess everywhere or you would clean the flat regularly as if you live with another person, your partner?


Maybe you are attracting new apartment? Would you search for it 24/7? No way! Because if you do have it already you don’t search for it really. But you do act only when you feel inspired action to do so. You would go to the local store to buy something great for your apartment, you would be relaxed and calm as if you knew later in the day you go home, to your new home, to your fantastic new apartment.


You would ignore all the naysayers who would stress on your behalf and we all know such people. Those who give you lovely advice: “You need to look harder, have you looked here and have you seen this paper and that advert?”


You would do your regular inner work – meditation, visualizing the end result and then ask yourself:


What would I do if that was my reality?

What would I hear, see, feel?

How would I walk and talk?


And then play with that,  use your imagination and see what you would see, hear what you would hear and do what you would do.

So BEING READY FOR YOUR WISH means all I have just said above.

Act as if. Or as some people say fake it till you make it. But I love what Neville Goddard says: you have to think FROM YOUR WISH, not of your wish.

You could think of your wish for ten years but the minute you think FROM YOUR WISH, then the whole Universe moves for you to get it.




This simply means that you need to let go. Let go of the fear it will not happen. Let go of the constant search for the new flat, search for the new partner. Letting go means TRUST THE UNIVERSE AND IT’S POWER TO DELIVER ANY DESIRE YOU MAY EVER HAVE.


Why do things happen when you least expect it? Because you let go of the barrier between yourself and your wish. If you simply act as if it was done, the fear would be gone, the need to control how it will happen would be gone too.

But us humans like to control the WHEN and the HOW. Unfortunately, this stops the Universe from bringing us our desire faster. The Universe waits for you to let go of this and just relax into your wish. Become the person who has achieved your wish.


The HOW and WHEN is not your business anyway.


And when you least expect it, meaning you are not controlling what should or shouldn’t happen, then the Universe has free hands and can finally deliver your wish.


Today it happened to me with a small thing. I have been trying to search for a contract for the last 3 days. Checked every external disk and nothing. As I am a creative person I have a creative mess as people like to call it. So it is my excuse too. 🙂


Nothing happened and I decided to re-write old contract this morning and just stoped searching for the one I needed.

At that minute I let go as it was done, I re-write another contract so I didn’t worry about it and more, I didn’t try to control the outcome.


And then I was trying to work on another project. Then I needed some file for it and what do you think? I started to search for that file and couldn’t find it again. I started to nearly laugh at the constant searching of mine. Then suddenly I found the file I was trying to find for the last 3 days. When? When I didn’t needed, of course. 🙂 Then I really started to laugh and realized if I don’t stop searching like crazy for the second file, it will be the same. It will take me ages to find it. So I stopped, I relaxed, I did a simple visualisation as if it is already done and started to do something else. Within few minutes I even don’t know what I was doing and how I got there but I was starring at that second file I needed few minutes ago. Without a struggle, without 3 days of frustration. Easy peasy.


So here you go. Learn from it or be like myself and learn from your own mistakes and your own journey. Sometimes it’s easier and faster to learn form the people who have walked on that path before us. That is something I try to do with my business, what I did with writting my first book Alfa bohyně (Alpha Goddess) and what I am now trying to do when I am seeing possibilities how to have my book translated into English so my friends stop bothering me with the question: “So Eva, when will we read your book in English?” 🙂


Thank you for reading my article and stay tuned. Soon there will be another one.

And please bare with my Engllish, it is not my mother tongue and I am learing now how to write in it. I have spoken English on every day basis for the last 14 years but to write articles in English is something very new to me. But I know as with everything the more you do it, the better you become at it.

And finally, maybe you are wondering why I write Universe with capital U. It is me and my stubbornness to do things my way. My Czech audience already except it that so I now need to inform you English speaking part of the world what is going on. I take Universe as some people take God and as I take the Universe as one power or energy to which I look up to, I like using capital U, to express the power is bigger than my human brain, then myself. Both in Czech and in English, the correct form would be universe but my way is and always will be Universe. Thank you for letting me be who I am as I would never deliver the same energy would I try to be someone else.


Blessings and love to all of you.

Eva 🙂


Eva Paclíková
Eva is a certified and experienced Relationship & Transformational Coach. She changes lives of people. Her dream and goal is to empower as many people as she can to create a better world for all of us. Eva is an author of the book Alfa bohyně (Alfa Goddess) which was written in her mother tongue, Czech, to empower women. As an experienced Coach she created online program for women Bohyně lásky and also a program about chakra healing.